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View the recordings

In the channel list you can double click on the entry. Then the channel gallery opens. You can also do this when the stream is displayed via the folder icon.

On the left side are some info about the channel. The online tents are displayed in green and the recordings in red.
The videos can be grouped by date.

Video preview

Video view

For the video preview 2 files are created in the video folder. The THB file is the preview image of the video and the VTN file is the timeline at the bottom.
When a recording is completed, the files are created.
With a double click or the play button the video can be opened.
A click on the heart marks the video as a favorite video. It will then be copied to the Favorites folder and can be opened from the Favorites view.
The video can be deleted via the recycle bin. Then the two preview files and the recording data record in the database are also deleted.

The video can be opened and deleted via the context menu. There is also the possibility to open the location in Windows Explorer. If the recording is a TS file, the option “Convert to mp4 File” is also offered. A copy of the video in MP4 format will be saved in the same folder.