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View the recordings

In the channel list you can double click on the entry. Then the channel gallery opens. You can also do this when the stream is displayed via the folder icon.

On the left side are some info about the channel. The online tents are displayed in green and the recordings in red.
The videos can be grouped by date.

Video preview

Tile view
Video preview

A file is created in the video folder for the video preview. The VDB file contains the preview images and information about the video such as resolution, model, time of capture. When a recording is finished, the file is created or when it is needed.
Double-click or press the play button to open the video.
Clicking on the heart marks the video as a favorite video. It is then copied to the Favorites folder and can be opened in Favorites view.
The video can be deleted via the recycle bin. Then the two preview files and the recording record in the database are also deleted

The video can be opened and deleted via the context menu. There is also the possibility to open the location in Windows Explorer. If the recording is a TS file, the option “Convert to mp4 File” is also offered. A copy of the video in MP4 format will be saved in the same folder.

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CamRecorder Version

• Convert TS files to MP4 files with one click
• In the new “Welcome” form, the most important parameters for CamRecorder are requested during a new installation.
• record and view streams from and
(When recording from MyFreeCams with the TS-Stream Encoder, it can happen that the video previews are displayed in a distorted way. The stream recordings are fine.)

Stripchat TS recordings
At the moment (03/22/2023) Stripchat seems to change its servers so that the TS stream can not be recorded properly. For stripchat you can use the encoder FFMPEG COPY. You can change it in the channel settings.

Some warnings are displayed. But the recordings are ok. We are working on it

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CamRecorder Settings

You can open the CamRecorder Settings window in the toolbar by clicking on the cogwheel. Here you can set what the CamRecorder should do.

  • Via the selection Design you can set your preferred layout. Default is blue, then there are light and dark.
  • The next point is the language selection of the CamRecorder. Here should be the path that you have selected the first time you start. With a click on the button to the right of it you can select another language file. At the moment german, italian, english or spanish. We are working on it.
  • Now to the browser. We have 5 choices that are offered to you when you install the browser. You can use your default browser or you have the choice to start Edge, Firefox, Chrome in private mode or the Lovense browser. With your selection, all pages will be opened, whether you do this by double-clicking on the stream control or the right mouse button in the list.
  • The next point is the directory. You should have selected this at the first start and it should be correct. Here all data and folders are created. So you should choose a drive with enough space. The database and the backup file will also be stored in this folder. Please check that you have sufficient rights to read, write and execute. The directory can be searched by the button or you can enter the path directly.
  • If you want to change the directory at some point you can enter the new directory and restart CamRecorder. Then you start from scratch. If you want to take your channels with you then you should copy the file CamRecorder.mdb into the new directory. You can also move the whole old folder into the new directory, then everything is as usual.
  • In the File Name field, the structure of the files’ name can be customized. For the placeholders click on the question mark. Then all available placeholders will be displayed. Make sure that no illegal characters are used.
  • hide when minimize, if the checkmark is in then CamRecorder disappears after minimizing as an icon in the taskbar.
  • Copy favorite recording to the favorite folder – if this item is selected, every recording you mark as favorite with the heart will be copied to this folder. You have the files then also in the model folder. If you ever clean up and delete the folders, you should keep the folder. You can also add mp4 files that have not been recorded with the CamRecorder. They will then be displayed in the favorites view.
  • Notifications – you can disable all notifications here. In the channel options you have the possibility to set the notification for each channel.
    If it bothers you, you can turn it off with the right mouse button on the taskbar icon. Or just here.
  • Use the internal player – If you want to play a video you can use the integrated video player. It has the advantage that you can jump to certain positions in the video preview. If you want to use your own player for mp4 files, just uncheck the box.
  • In debug mode the windows of TS Stream are displayed and some error logging is done. Among others in the Appdata directory, for the program errors and for the video recordings if something did not work. The debug mode should only be activated if there are problems.
  • With Show Stream Header you can choose if you always want to see the stream object header or if it should be hidden.
  • Online check at start – If the option is enabled, CamRecorder will check each channel on startup to see if it is online. If there are many channels, a lockout can occur quickly and last a few minutes. If the online check is turned off, all channels will be checked in their time interval.
  • Automatic search of all platforms – When creating a new channel, all available platforms are checked for the same username. The search can be switched off here. The search can also be performed manually by clicking on the magnifying glass in the channel name. Then all platforms are searched for the entered channel name.
  • X maximum conversions simultaneously – If the recordings need format conversion to mp4 the maximum number of conversion processes can be set.
  • License – Yes, unfortunately, this must also be. in the text field should be your purchased license key purely then you can also use more than 5 channels. Just press the order button and you are on our website and can order a key. Don’t worry, the costs are not very high and only once. We are happy about everyone who buys a license and then we know that you like CamRecorder. If the key is correct, the current version will change to full version. And then the more than 5 channels are available.

Default Setting

The Default Settings tab allows you to set the default options for the channels.
If all channels are to be changed with the settings, this can be done via the small gear wheel with arrow.

  • Options – Turn notifications on and off, select whether to display the stream and whether to make an automatic recording of the channel.
  • The next is the item Recording.
    Selection of the video encoder. There are 2 available. The TS Stream is a small program which saves the online stream. The window is hidden. FFMPEG Copy records the online stream and converts it to a full MP4 file. The window is minimized.
    The recording quality can be set. 4 resolutions are available. If the station does not transmit the desired resolution, the best resolution is automatically used.
    The Memory format can be selected. If “How sent” is selected, the sent format is saved. Except for Stripchat, all pages send in TS format. If a conversion after recording is desired, mp4 can also be selected here. These settings can also be changed for the channel settings.
  • Automatic record stop – Here you can set the default time for a recording. You can set this individually for each channel. But this will be explained later. In our experience, 30 minutes is a good time. The files are still manageable and you can delete the pauses or BRB screens without problems and save a little memory.

And when you are satisfied with the settings press the Accept button and your settings will be saved.