Thank you for installing CamRecorder!

We hope you enjoy using our software.

  • First start of XstreaMon

    If the installation was successful, some parameters will be asked at the first start of XstreaMon.

    • The first selection is the language you want to use. Please select a language.
    • After that you will be asked for the folder where you want to save the videos and data. You should have full access to the folder. The installation directory is not suitable as a storage location. You can also save the data on external media.
    Add new channel
    First start of CamRecorder
    The program window
    • You can change the settings at any time when you open the program options
    • After a change, a restart would be useful.

  • CamRecorder Version

    -We have extended the licensing for CamRecorder. From this version it is possible to buy a monthly license. Camrecorder will then run one month unlimited. After the expiration of the month, no new channels can be added, unless there are less than 5 channels stored or you decide to buy a new license.
    Nothing has changed in the Unlimited license.

    -and now the french translation is coming too. Merci beaucoup à Jean-Charles
    -Automatic recording stop can be turned off for a recording in progress, if it is enabled for the channel.
    -and once again fixed a few minor bugs.

If you have a question or an idea for our software, feel free to contact us.

For the first start some tips:

*End User License Agreement and Terms of Service

*Draft Terms and Conditions