About us

Our goal is to develop reliable software that can be easily used by people who are not familiar with computers as well as by professionals.

If you have been looking for a software to record live shows, you will find that XstreaMon is a good solution.

XstreaMon software is becoming increasingly popular and used by viewers all over the world for the simple reason that it works exactly as it should. You can test the software. You can use up to 5 channels in the free version without any restrictions.

Since it is not the most popular software in the industry, your antivirus software may classify our software as suspicious.
Unfortunately, we can’t really fight it, as the manufacturers will always have the final say, but that doesn’t stop us from telling you the truth: our XstreaMon software does not contain any viruses and never will, unless you have downloaded it from a source other than xstreamon.com

What customers love most about our product is the direct contact with the developer via email, which allows us to improve the software based on feedback and feature ideas. Paying customers are treated like our own children and their requests for options or new features take priority. Some features have even been developed specifically for them in a matter of hours. That’s how much we pamper our customers ­čÖé

Feel free to comment, to ask or to contact me anytime you need.

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